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Why You Should Never Represent Yourself in a DUI Case

Why You Should Never Represent Yourself in a DUI Case

We’ve all seen it in the movies, a character is charged with a DUI and insists on representing themselves in court. In reality, acting as your own DUI specialist can have disastrous and far-reaching consequences.

Simply put, it always pays to have a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney to represent you. If you are not able to source enough money for a DUI lawyer, then you should consider applying for a public defender. Hiring a lawyer is always more advantageous, even if it results in short-term financial hardship. Keep in mind that when it comes to South Dakota DUI laws, a single offense could mean hefty fines and even jail time. Here, a drunk driving attorney is equipped with the knowledge and capability to fight competently for you from the outset. If you’re still not convinced, read on to discover a few more reasons why you should never represent yourself in a DUI case.

You Will Be Overwhelmed

Again, it looks easy on television, but the reality of the situation is that representing yourself in court is rigorous. In addition to keeping up with the motions of your regular life, you will have to ensure that all subpoenas and filings are properly submitted within a strict timeframe. It seems easy in the abstract, but in practice it quickly becomes overwhelming. By hiring an attorney you not only save your scalp, you alleviate a considerable burden on yourself by allowing your lawyer to deal with your DUI charges while you focus on reinvigorating your life.

This Won’t Be The Attorney’s First Rodeo

As mentioned above, DUI cases mandate an incredible amount of work. Attorneys are experienced at mobilizing this process in a way that problematizes the other side’s argument. For example, a DUI attorney could call the competency of breathalyzers into question, citing studies and cases that highlight their inaccuracies. Additionally, an attorney will have better luck communicating with the police and any potential witnesses. If you go it alone, know that the prosecutor will be just as savvy as an attorney in regards to working the system and expect to lose.

You Could Cultivate Judicial Bias

Opting to represent yourself in a DUI case could assuage the judge to view you in a harsher light. They may perceive you as arrogant or pompous, neither of which help your case all that much. If you cultivate a bias then do not expect things to go your way. On top of that, you will have no idea what constitutes proper courtroom protocol and might just end up humiliating yourself before the judge throws the book at you. Don’t let that be you, call Griese Law today.