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Common Mistakes DUI Defendants Make

Common Mistakes DUI Defendants Make

We all know drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal, but there are times when the law fails and innocent people get unfairly railroaded into a DUI conviction. Suppose you had a drink with dinner long before you get behind the wheel and are no way impaired, but you get pulled over. Even if your BAC comes back below the legal limit, authorities have the right to arrest and charge you with DUI. If you are convicted, this incident will remain on your record for years to come.

In other words, it’s in your best interest to fight DUI charges. This means hiring a qualified DUI attorney Sioux Falls, first and foremost, but it also means avoiding common mistakes that could impair your defense. Here are a few of the most common mistakes DUI defendants make.

Assuming a DUI Isn’t That Serious

This is the biggest mistake you can make when you’re arrested and charged with a DUI. If you don’t take the proceedings seriously, you’re bound to make bad decisions that land you in even more hot water. For example, you might think it’s okay to drink, or even drink and drive before your hearing. You may not think you need to show up for a scheduled court date. Or you might plead guilty without first consulting a drunk driving attorney or considering a plea deal.

You need to understand that South Dakota DUI laws are very strict. A conviction is no joke. You could face up to $2,000 in fines or up to a year in county jail, or both, and your driver’s license will be revoked for 30 days. That’s just for the first offense. A DUI remains on your record for 10 years, and subsequent convictions within that time could result in felony conviction and time in the state penitentiary. If you value your freedom, you won’t take a DUI charge lightly, and you’ll do all you can to fight it with the help of a qualified DUI attorney Sioux Falls.

Speaking to Authorities

Your Miranda rights advise you that you have the right to remain silent, and you should do so any time you don’t have a lawyer present as anything you say can and will be used against you. When you speak to authorities without your lawyer present following a DUI arrest, you’re acting as your own worst enemy.

When you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI, the first thing you should do is ask for your lawyer and refuse to speak without a lawyer present. This is your right, and it’s one that you should take full advantage of if you want the best chance to avoid a DUI conviction.

Hiring an Unqualified DUI Lawyer Sioux Falls

Criminal defense is just one of many fields of law, and when you’re facing criminal charges following a DUI arrest, you need a knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense attorney to provide the best possible representation. Your cousin who dabbles in DUI charges but is actually a divorce lawyer is not going to cut it.

A DUI specialist knows the law and has the competence to create an expert defense that is tailor made for your individual circumstances. The consequences of a DUI conviction are serious and you want to avoid them at all costs. This means hiring a qualified DUI lawyer Sioux Falls.