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Going home: Dogs are loyal creatures, and Maru the bullmastiff is no exception. Born in a kennel in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, she moved to Krasnoyarsk, 800 kilometres (500 mi.) to the east, when she was purchased by a woman. Unfortunately, the woman had allergies, and she called the kennel’s owner, Alla Morozova, who arranged accompaniment for Maru to come back to the kennel by train. But Maru had other ideas. She jumped from the train when it was 200 kilometres (125 mi.) from her owner’s home and tried to walk back. Maru was found in an industrial section of Krasnoyarsk, close to the house where she had lived.

Sea of rock: When sailing a catamaran in the open ocean, sailors expect to see nothing but vast stretches of water. So a couple from Australia, Michael Hoult and Larissa Brill, were surprised to find themselves in a sea of rock during their trip to Fiji. The rock was pumice, which most likely had floated up to the surface after an underwater volcano erupted. When they discovered it, the expanse of rock was a few inches thick and covered the ocean as far as they could see. Their catamaran slowed down considerably while navigating through this “island” of porous rock.

Slow but scary: A roller coaster in Japan is not very fast moving, but it gives its riders quite a thrill. It’s called the SkyCycle, and it is located in the Washuzan Highland amusement park in the city of Okayama. It’s different from most roller coasters in that riders sit on a twin, bicycle-like apparatus and must pedal to move along the track, which has no guardrails. The track doesn’t have huge drops, but it is 590 feet above the ground, overlooking islands and cityscapes. The ride only takes about three minutes, but seems much longer because it’s so scary.

Cow therapy: When you think about cuddling with an animal, usually a dog or a cat comes to mind. Now there is a place where people can go cuddle with a cow. That place is on a farm in the state of New York (U.S.). Called Mountain House Farm, it is owned by Suzanne Vullers and her husband. For an hourly rate, guests can hug and cuddle with one of the farm’s two therapy cows, Bonnie and Bella. Vullers, who is from the Netherlands, also provides horses for cuddling, but she was aware of cow cuddling in Europe. She decided to extend the practice to the farm’s bovines, which are gentle and peaceful.

What’s Happening

At Coffee News, our priority will always be the safety of our readers, delivery drivers and distribution partners. As more and more locations began limiting access to their businesses, we decided to suspend the delivery of the printed version of Coffee News until it is safe to resume.

That does not mean that we can no longer deliver the smiles to our loyal readers. So, with that said, we welcome you to the first ever online edition of Coffee News!

While this section regularly features local, non-profit, community events the uncertain times we are experiencing have caused the postponement or cancellation of many events. We look forward to the day that we can safely gather together with friends and family and share a face-to-face smile and even a cup of coffee.

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