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Average Wait Time for SSDI Hearing in South Dakota

Average Wait Time for SSDI Hearing in South Dakota

Did you know that the average wait for a Social Security Disability Hearing in South Dakota is 13 months?

Griese Law Firm, P.C., offers the following tips on what you can do while you wait for your hearing:

1. Continue seeking medical treatment. Have your doctor clearly state what you can and can’t do with work restrictions.

2. Make sure the Social Security Administration has all relevant health-related records, including pharmacy script screens.

3. List your work history and keep a log of all of your recent attempts at getting jobs (date, place you applied, interviewed, and reason for rejection).

4.Get your school transcripts and review them with your attorney to determine if they are useful to submit on your claim.

5. Prepare for your hearing testimony by practicing with your attorney. Also, consider who you will bring as a witness to the hearing that knows your ability to complete day-to-day activities.

Griese Law Firm, P.C., has experience handling social security disability claims from initial application through the hearing. If you have questions, we’re here for you!