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Common Mistakes DUI Defendants Make

Common Mistakes DUI Defendants Make

We all know drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal, but there are times when the law fails and innocent people get unfairly railroaded into a DUI conviction. Suppose you had a drink with dinner long before you get behind the wheel and are no way impaired, but you get pulled over. Even if your Read More

Average Wait Time for SSDI Hearing in South Dakota

Did you know that the average wait for a Social Security Disability Hearing in South Dakota is 13 months? Griese Law Firm, P.C., offers the following tips on what you can do while you wait for your hearing: 1. Continue seeking medical treatment. Have your doctor clearly state what you can and can’t do with Read More

The Workers Compensation Process in South Dakota

1. Injured Worker Should Seek Medical Treatment After an injury on the job, your first priority should be to seek medical care and treatment. If the injury is relatively minor, you may seek medical care from your primary care physician or a clinic. If the injury is serious, you should seek immediate care at the Read More